Site Preparation Begins!

September 20, 2015

We’re pleased to announce that site preparation has begun on our median islands. The work, performed by City-approved vendor CatMex Maintenance and paid for by our Community Challenge Grant, involves:

  • Clearing overgrown brush and invasive species
  • Tilling and grading the soil, and
  • Mulching the surface in preparation for our volunteers to plant later this fall and winter.

Water Use

  • City code requires that water be used to suppress dust while the site and soil are being prepared.
  • Lucky for us, irrigation was installed when the boulevard was constructed. Unfortunately, the pipes have decayed through decades of non-use.
  • When the water was activated, several leaks were found, some under the asphalt. As a result, turning on the water—even momentarily—causes pools of water to collect in the gutter and street.
  • Please make your friends and neighbors aware that what might first appear to be water waste is, in fact, required by City code and being tightly managed to minimize waste.

Trees and Plants

  • As communicated since our project began, no healthy trees will be removed.
  • The Bureau of Urban Forestry has already removed and/or pruned dead or diseased trees on the median. Those trees are owned by the City and will not be impacted by our Project.
  • Shrubs that meet our criteria for pedestrian/driver visibility have been flagged to save. All other remaining vegetation will be removed.
  • Work on site preparation will continue for the next few weeks.

Safety and Contact Info

  • Traffic flow through the neighborhood and around the Shopping Center can be heavy. Please be alert to road cones, pedestrians, and workers.
  • Direct anyone with questions or concerns first to our website and then to the management office of the Diamond Heights Shopping Center: 415-282-4647.
  • If people raise concerns to you, please make use of that excellent opportunity to enlist their support as project volunteers or donors.



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