$46,000 Community Challenge Grant Award

Community Challenge Grant brochure cover

We’re very pleased to announce that our project was awarded a 2015 Community Challenge Grant from the City of San Francisco in the amount of $46,000.

The awarded funds will be used for planned budget items including shrub removal, soil remediation, landscape design, gopher abatement, and plants.

See our application for further details.

Many thanks to the team members who provided input to our grant application: Betsy Eddy and Jeanette Oliver, and a huge thank you to Brennan Cox who provided the application’s layout and professional polish.

Our anticipated timeline for 2015 is as follows:

  • February/March 2015. Coordinate with representatives at PUC and DPW Urban Forestry to confirm status of median irrigation and trees, respectively
  • April/May 2015: Landscape design
  • June/July/August 2015: Neighborhood review of landscape design in conjunction with Diamond Heights History Photo Exhibit (details forthcoming)
  • July/August 2015: Soil remediation, preparation
  • September 2015 to January 2016: Volunteer work days to install plants and gopher baskets

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