2nd Award! $40,948 Community Challenge Grant


CCG LogoWe are pleased to announce that our project was awarded a 2017 Community Challenge Grant (CCG) from the City of San Francisco in the amount of $40,948.

This is our second CCG and our third grant for the project (including our $8,000 District 8 Greening Grant [2014] from the Office of Supervisor Scott Weiner).

The awarded funds will be used to purchase up to 2,000 plants to install our landscape design, some minor hardscape, and drip irrigation from Urban Farmer.

See our application for further details: ccg-application-from-dhb-median-project_finala

We wish to thank Lanita Henriquez, Director, Community Challenge Grant Program, Office of the City Administrator, and her team for their support and consideration of our application.

Many thanks to Betsy Eddy for helping to complete our grant application and to our Landscape Architect Brennan Cox who provided the application’s layout and professional polish.