Plant Selection

The following drought-tolerant plants were used in Phase I:


Eriogonum grande var. rubescens “Red Buckwheat”

Echeveria Impbricata

Echeveria impbricata

Libertia peregrinans “Gold Leaf”

Artemisia pycnocephala

Artemesia pycnocephala “David’s Choice”

Aloe 'Blue Elf'

Aloe “Blue Elf”

Calylophus serrulatus

Calylophus serrulatus

Lampranthus 'Pink Kaboom'_cropped

Lampranthus “Pink Kaboom”


4 thoughts on “Plant Selection

    1. SFwordman Post author

      Thanks for writing, Nancy! Driver and pedestrian visibility is a major consideration for the project. Our plants have been selected because they never grow taller than 18 inches. All the best, Paul


  1. Mildred Blackmon

    The choses of plants are great as they require little watering as you so put it drought. Thanks for sharing. Yes I have seen the improvement and it is coming along fine.


    1. SFwordman Post author

      Thank you, Mildred. Yes, drought-tolerance is key. Our new trees and plants will require water until they’re established, but over time, our water requirements will be low. All the best, Paul



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